Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romania 4-10-2012

2012 – 2014

"Voievodul Mircea " High School in partnership with the Centre for Experimental Archeology and Valachia University from Targoviste have set up special activities for pupils involved in our project, reunited under the theme „Women in Prehistoric times”. The purpose is to recreate special activities from the past by using only equipment available at the time. This would lead to a better understanding of the prehistoric society, of both men’s and women’s daily chores and role within the home.
For the last 4 weeks, pupils have had the chance to make their own artefacts and pottery out of clay.  Under the guidance of university teacher Mr. Florin Dumitru we modeled our own statues by using only water and clay while paying attention to the littlest detail. The next step was to polish them using bones and other sharp objects and to paint them. While doing this we used only raw material available to prehistoric people, trying to capture the sense of the time.
Moreover, after our artefacts were burnt in special ovens, we also had a go at reconditioning as, sadly, most of them cracked in the process. To do this, we used a special glue, plaster and water and, by the end, we proudly managed to mend our objects and show them to our teachers and families.
As we found the reconditioning process very exciting, our plan is to attend a future workshop at the National History Museum in Targoviste to learn from pros the secrets of reconditioning items so valuable for our people’s identity and culture.  All activities included in the project are meant to enrich the sensory, tactile and olfactory universe of children brought up in urban areas which leads to a better understanding of the natural world.

We kindly thank Florin for all his enthusiasm and knowledge that he shared with us for the last weeks! All pupils enjoyed working side by side under your guidance!