Saturday, May 31, 2014

Project’s summary

Project’s summary

The purpose of the project is making the students aware of the human rights in general, and especially, of the women's rights as a component ​​of the democracy values. The project contributes to the awareness concerning the equality in rights of men-women, through a diachronically knowledge of the process of woman’s emancipation and through interactive activities, whose purpose is the direct involvement of the students in study cases which should make them think about positive solutions to the problems at stake.
The project activities integrated into the curriculum (In fields such as literature, music, sports, history, biology, geography, foreign languages), has as a target to make them aware of gender equality and the necessity of personal fulfillment. All the activities address to students of both gender, because education on chances equality concerns not only the girls or only boys, but all of them. The project activities, involve getting information about and research of the Romanian and foreign space (via internet or other sources), while focusing on the stimulation of the students’ interest to learn about the differences between past and present. They will understand also the importance of the implementation of women's rights in a democratic society, which respects the European vision of chances equality. The students will be able to analyze the dynamic of the society where they live and they will soon be involved.    


Friday, May 30, 2014