Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romania 4-10-2012

2012– 2014

An Insight into the Romanian Country Life

On Octomber 12, a group of 35 pupils along with their teachers visited two museums in Bucharest, both relevant to the theme of our Comenius project.  At the Romanian Peasant Museum we could see different instruments (work tools, bowls, traditional costumes) linked to the rural life in the past. We also had a glimpse into the everyday life and activities of women living in rural areas while comparing them with the ones practised by men. The visit has been highly interactive, pupils having to search for clues and answer questions on their worksheets.

As a bonus, both pupils and teachers paid a visit to the Autumn Fair at The Romanian Peasant Museum where we could admire antiques and some religious items. We also enjoyed the Food Fair where we could taste and buy delicious home made food from all over Romania proving once more our country’s rich culinary history.

The visit to The Village Museum „Dimitrie Gusti”  was different from the one before, as it took place in the open. While enjoying the beautiful weather outside, pupils tried to find more about the characteristics of Romanian villages and paid attention to different architectural styles. They also  did their best to be creative by gathering in teams and  creating  their own video jurnals which they will have to present in front of their peers and teachers.

We all had a great time on our trip to Bucharest: we found out interesting facts about the rural life in the past, we had a go at being creative outside the classoom, we made new friends and much more.  At the end of the day, the pupils were very excited by the trip, looking forward to our next day out!